June 11, 2015 Issue


McDonald honors her grandmother Virginia Williams

God has a way of using death to put life in perspective. Nearly a month ago on Motherís Day this world lost the closest living example of Jesus Christ on the face the earth. Thatís how my daddy, Joe Cox. Jr., described my Grandma Virginia Williams of Moxley as we were growing up. It is indeed a celebratory and joyful occasion that Grandma Virginia went home to heaven on Motherís Day to give Larry Boy, her son, perhaps his greatest Motherís Day. On May 10, 2015, Grandma Virginia achieved her ultimate lifeís mission and dream, which was meeting her Savior Jesus Christ.

Most people in Louisville, Wadley, Bartow, and Moxley knew Grandma Virginia as the Avon Lady. However, I am one of 10 people on this earth that have the privilege and honor of saying Virginia Williams was my grandmother. Words can never even begin to describe the influence she had on us, nor the pure sparkle in her eye that was never dulled by age or Dementia. As Lonnie Ledger so delicately wrote in a previous tribute to Grandma, it was the way she made people, especially her family, feel.



When our family began the immensely difficult process of planning her funeral, my uncle, Tim Williams, immediately said Proverbs 31 would be most appropriate. There is nothing more accurate to describe Grandma Virginia than Proverbs 31. Uncle Tim picked the absolute perfect words to describe Grandma. If there has ever been a living example of a Proverbs 31 lady, Grandma Virginia was it. It is as if those verses in the Bible were written to exclusively describe the virtuous Virginia Williams as an example of how women should strive to live. Grandma lived and breathed every day, every breath for her Jesus and her family. The Bible was literally her lifeís mission statement, and she never once bragged about her Faith. Rather, she was a living example. As a virtuous woman, she taught her children and grandchildren the ways of Jesus, she nurtured all of us with the love of Christ with elegance of care and wisdom. She served her husband, G.T. Williams, her family, friends, and neighbors with a gentle and loving spirit that still radiates when anyone mentions her name. Grandma was the epitome of charitable and would literally give her last dime to anyone that needed it.

My virtuous grandmother was the hardest working woman Iíve ever known and worked to create a home for her family to gather, especially on Sundays. She created a loving and warm home that I know none of the 10 of us grandchildren will ever forget, especially the memory of her giving us her spoons and bowls to go dig in the dirt. The beauty of her....not only was Grandma Virginia a beautiful woman with barely any wrinkles and gorgeous cheekbones even at the time her death, but she encompassed an inner beauty that only comes from Christ. Her love of Christ radiated through her every breath, and anyone who knew Grandma will attest to that. These are only a few descriptions of why Uncle Tim was so precise when he said Proverbs 31 is a perfect fit for Grandma. Iíll never forget him saying that, and how immediately I knew he was so right.

The beauty, character, wisdom, and love that my Grandma Virginia shared with this world can never truly be captured by words, but those of us who knew her experienced it with every glimpse of her. My cousin, Casey, one of Grandma Virginiaís 10 grandchildren, said something during our time of planning her funeral that Iíll never forget and that is so true. We were talking about people not being perfect, and she said, ďBut my Grandma Virginia really was.Ē We know Jesus Christ was and is the only creation of perfection that will ever be; however, as my daddy so passionately and repeatedly said so many times during my growing up, Grandma Virginia is the closest thing to Jesus Christ this world will see. Our family experienced first-hand and knows the depth of this statement: Virginia Williams truly was the living example of the Word of God.

As our family continues to read her journal, her Christian convictions remain the theme of her life and innermost personal and passionate moments. Grandma Virginia will never, ever be forgotten or dismissed. She meant so much to so many people in this community, and the way that we can remember her, memorialize her, and carry on her legacy is by loving each other. All of us. That is what she symbolized, and that is what Grandma lived. She lived a life of love through Christ. If I can ever live to be a small fraction of the woman my Grandma was, Iíll be doing good. She set the bar high; not because of what she said, but because of how she lived her life.

Grandma Virginia would actually ďskinĒ me for writing this because she was so incredibly humble and modest and never wanted anyone to brag on her. It is this humbleness that makes her even more of a Proverbs 31 lady. She was such a staple in our community, and that was quite evident when she passed as my parentsí house began to fill with guests, food, phone calls, love, and prayers for which we can never say thank you enough. Grandma was such a living example of what I aspire to be. I feel God called me to write a small tribute to this pure, true, Proverbs 31 lady. I miss her every day as I know my family does.

With the Utmost Sincerity,

Patty Virginia Cox McDonald,
Daughter of Joe and Patsy Cox of Louisville

Hudson gives thanks, again

I would like to thank the Almighty God for allowing me to have such a loving family and a community of truly amazing friends. Heartfelt thanks to each of you once again for your participation with the Mayfest given in my honor on Saturday, May 30.

Also, much appreciation to the churches and businesses for your previous contributions. Your kindness is remarkable. My wife and I continue to praise God for placing each one of you in our lives. We are truly appreciative.

With heartfelt love and gratitude. God bless you all.

Ronnie ďHuttoĒ Hudson and family

Walk organized to benefit area cancer survivor

In 2008, Catherine Martin Adams adenocarcinoma cancer of the upper palate (upper mouth). The cancer was discovered when she was having toothaches. A biopsy was performed and it was discovered that she had cancer.

Catherine underwent surgery to remove the cancer. Bone and teeth were removed and her doctors told her the cancer was gone. In 2013, Catherine had a lump growing in her sinus. Because of her history with cancer, a biopsy was done and again, the cancer had returned.

She had chemotherapy and radiation, which was done previously thinking that she would not need surgery. After the treatments, the cancer did not go away.

She went through radical surgery which lasted over 22 hours. A bone was removed from the leg to put in her face. After several days, the surgery failed and she was back in the OR to remove the bone.

Tissues were taken from her breast to put in her face. Part of her nostril and the upper part of her mouth were removed. Skin grafts were used from both thighs to cover the upper part of her mouth.

The surgery also left her with severe nerve damage to her left side. Catherineís medical expenses have accumulated to over a million dollars. She will need extensive reconstructive surgery to repair the damage to her upper palate and her face.

She has prosthetic gums and teeth and will need a prosthetic nose until the reconstructive surgeries are complete.

I am sponsoring Blake Cameronís Annual Walk will be held this year supporting Catherine. The walk will be held on July 4, from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. at Wadley Middle School. We have shirts for $10, that can be ordered by June 15. The walk is $10 per mile and donations may be turned in by June 30.

For more information, call (478) 252-1968 or email camer930@bellsouth.net. Please pray for Catherine and, if possible, make a donation to help Catherine with her medical expenses. All funds will go to support Catherine.

Thank you,

Brenda Cameron


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